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Howard & Sons sofas for sale


At Middleton Bray Upholstery, the stock of Howard sofas and armchairs is a natural accompaniment to our expertise in the restoration of these fine pieces of upholstered furniture. We take great pleasure in being able to offer genuine Howard & Sons furniture for sale which in many cases need restoring to ensure their comfort and quality will last for decades into the future. The stock is ever changing, and it is very possible that some items not presently pictured here are available, therefore all enquiries are welcome if you have a specific request.


A very rare Howard & Sons library armchair (Ivor design) with its original detachable mahogany bookrest circa 1910

An extremely rare Howard & Sons Ivor armchair for sale, circa 1910 with it's original mahogany ratchet arm book rest and Howard name stamped brass castors on each leg.

The armchair has been fully restored to the highest standards at the Middleton Bray workshops and is covered in a blue and off white Howard and Sons monogrammed cotton fabric.

The chair is naturally the very essence of comfort and style, which is partly due to the frame design being almost the largest armchair that Howard and Sons manufactured (the Tichfield being the largest).

Dimensions: Width 86cm, height 86cm, depth 106cm.

Howard Grantley Sofa - one of a pair

A Howard Grantley sofa for sale (one of a pair), circa 1890, in super condition and extremely comfortable, with down cushions in the arms back and seat.

Dimensions: 75.5" wide, 38.5" high, 33" deep.

The Grantley has a more upright seat angle than most Howard sofas and care has been taken to make the back cushions as tailored to the frame shape as is possible to maximize the seat depth.

Covered in the classic Howard & Sons floral blue stripe cotton lining.

Howard & Sons Woodstock Armchair

A Howard & Sons Woodstock armchair for sale with Siege de Duvet seat, circa 1915.

The Woodstock chair design can be traced back to the 1880s where Howard & Sons would design the chair with a lower ring turned leg.

This example of the early 1900s has the more extended walnut ring turned leg which allowed a little more height to the chair seat.

Upholstered in all the finest materials including original horsehair from the chair which has been carefully carded through and washed, its original springiness is restored and like no other filling available.

The armchair still retains its original Hessian stamped lining from the Howard workshops and the powder blue striped floral cotton lining replicates the cotton lining as found on the chair from the day it left the Berners Street workshops.

Dimensions: Height 30", width 30", depth 30", seat height to top of cushion 19".

Howard & Sons Pickwell Chair

A Howard & Sons Pickwell Chair for sale with Siege de Duvet seat, circa 1915.

The chair has been faithfully restored using top grade curled horsehair laid over a hand sprung base and a pure down cushion seat.

The Howard & Sons fabric which the chair is covered in is an exact match to the original lining found on the armchair before restoration and was commonly found on many items of Howard upholstery.

Dimensions: Height 30", width 30.5", depth 29", overall height to top of cushion 19".

Howard & Sons Library Armchair

A Howard & Sons library armchair for sale with a swing arm adjustable mahogany bookstand.

An extremely rare Howard library armchair, made for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle circa 1925. It is exceptionally rare for such a chair as this to become available for sale, with all the correct stamped elements including the mahogany adjustable bookrest.

The chair has been fully reupholstered using the finest materials and is sublimely comfortable with pure down cushions to the seat and back.

The customers details were often written on the interior cushions by the craftsmen of the Howard workshops and on the back cushions was written in, faded lettering, the name of A. Conan Doyle. An investigation is underway to see if any archive details from the Conan Doyle estate can trace the piece to his house interior of Windelsham for absolute authentication. Nevertheless this armchair is an outstanding example of the a Howard deep seated Bridgewater library armchair.

Dimensions: Overall depth 98cm, width 70cm, height 92cm.

A large Howard Beckett Sofa - SOLD

This Howard Beckett photograph is a stock photo of an exact same sofa presently for sale, with the original back and seat cushions still surviving and all original stamped brass castors. This Siege de Duvet down filled sofa will prove a superb, stylish addition to a sitting room interior. The sofa can be upholstered with a Howard and Sons lining fabric.

Dimensions: Width 215cm, depth 97cm, height 90cm.

Howard & Sons Duvet Stool - SOLD

A beautiful example of a Howard & Sons duvet stool for sale, circa 1910, covered in the original Howard floral lining red stripe with workshop fitted stamped brass castors all round and fully stamped lining underneath.

Dimensions: 20" wide and 18" high.

A superb surviving example of their duvet foot stool and sublimely comfortable with its down cushion!

To enquire about the furniture we have for sale please email sales@middletonbray.com or call on 07968 564 782.